Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Maroon Bedroom Design

The bedroom is a place that need a great attention to decorate. You can create your own bedroom space that will make you smile and feel comforted. This great collection of maroon bedroom design in this page. You can always improve your skill in creating your own bedroom decoration idea by choosing the right bedroom furniture, making the most of your bedroom space, adding some accents in your bedroom, let's saw this page . . .

Painting your bedroom walls maroon will give the space an air of sophistication. Maroon is a dark red, wine-inspired color that coordinates with a variety of other colors. You can use maroon bedroom walls as a starting point for a range of decorating styles, from rustic to elegant.
Combining a gold and white color scheme with maroon walls is a recipe for elegance. Enhance the quilt with maroon silk decorative pillows and a matching cashmere throw and place a black lamp on the nightstand.
Play off the nature-inspired feel of maroon by infusing the bedroom with a rustic flair. Use dark red autumn leaves and cranberries as inspiration. Cover the bed with a maroon comforter featuring a deep orange, gold and green leaf design. Hang a wrought iron candle chandelier from the ceiling for a casually elegant look, and install wrought iron wall sconces above the bed. Decorate a dresser or nightstand with terra cotta pots filled with plants. Natural bamboo blinds and rugs will lend an eco-friendly and decorative touch to the bedroom. If you have empty wall space, hang wood shelves and accent them with maroon, gold and sage candles in wrought iron holders.

A whole new world, a dazzling place I never knew... of course you remember princess Jasmine in the movie Aladdin. Well, here's a chance to bring the beautiful land of Arabia, which the princess sings about, into the confines of your bedroom. And with it, magical romance too!
Arabia is all about rich colours like shades of maroon and royal blue set against a backdrop of earthy colours like browns ambers and antique shades too.
So go ahead and colour your bedroom in these rich hues and accent them with gold, copper and bronze. A rough textured wall in a deep purple or amber would work well to bring out the colours. But don't choose the wall behind the bed for this because it will get hidden.
Luxury Maroon Bedroom Design
Soft Bedroom Design and Colors with Maroon Color Combination

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Maroon Kitchen Design

Ultra Modern Maroon Kitchen Design
Great Maroon Kitchen Design
Amazing Maroon Kitchen Design
Maroon Kitchen Design with Black Floor
Woods Maroon Kitchen Design
Big Maroon Kitchen Design
Luxury Maroon Kitchen Design
Maroon Kitchen Design with White Combination
Minimalist Maroon Kitchen Design

Elegant Maroon Living Room Design

This being said, there is something about the dark red or maroon (I can’t quite decide which it is) in this interior that oozes calmness, tranquillity and above all, sophistication. The darkness of the red has much to do with this and cancels out the usual negatives that the color red can bring to the human experience.
One can point out immediately to the many pictures that adorn the dark red wall as well. These act as borders that break up the large surface into small pieces, almost creating pictures frames of the red paint work itself. A contrast is achieved with the images in the picture frames as well as the white contemporary chairs.
These two images are part of the same interior space by the way. The dining area is behind the camera shot from the first image of the red sofa in front of the deep red or maroon wall. As one has probably noted already, not all of the four walls are painted in this color which dilutes any negative effects a completely red room design would imbue on the human mind and emotions.
Luxury Maroon Living Room Design
Unique and Elegant Maroon Living Room's Sofa Design
Maroon Living Room Sofa
Unique Maroon Living Room Table

Maroon Dining Room

Painting your dining room walls maroon will give the space an air of sophistication. Maroon is a dark red, wine-inspired color that coordinates with a variety of other colors. You can use maroon room walls as a starting point for a range of decorating styles, from rustic to elegant.
Maroon walls will take on an opulent, regal look when combined with ornate decor. Decorate a vanity table and wall shelves with white vases filled with red roses. White candles cradled in gold votive holders will give the space a glowing ambiance.

Elegant Maroon Dining Room
Traditional Italian Maroon Dining Room
Woods Maroon Dining Room
Simple Maroon Dining Room
Maroon Dining Room for Kids

Sunday, December 26, 2010

European Bathroom Design

Luxury European Bathroom Design
Elegant Traditional Design from European Bathroom Style
Modern and Unique European Bathroom Design Furniture
Beautiful European Bathroom Design
Simple and Elegant European Bathroom Design
Modern European Bathroom Design
Luxury European Bathroom Furniture
Beautiful Combination Color from European Bathroom Design
Minimalist European Bathroom Design
Traditional European Bathroom Design

European Garden Design

Welcome to European Garden Design Area
Elegant European Garden Design
Luxury European Garden Design
Amazing European Garden Design
Full of Colors European Garden Design
Beautiful European Garden Design
Full of Green on European Garden Design
Plants on European Garden
Old European Garden Design
Simple European Garden Design

European Kitchen Design

Luxury Soft European Kitchen Design
Maroon European Kitchen Design Ideas
Elegant Shadow Colors from European Kitchen Design
Minimalist European Kitchen Design
Perfect European Kitchen Design
Elegant European Kitchen Design
European Wood Kitchen
Unique European Kitchen Design
Black European Kitchen Theme


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